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“Craig has more than just a musical brilliance. He has an ear for the story. He has an enormous heart. That combo is his magic and as a filmmaker, it became mine.”
Nancy Goodman - Award Winning Director/Author
"Craig was incredible to work with on both my fiction work and my doc work. He's smart about how music enhances emotion and tone and is a great collaborator."
Maria Finitzo - Award Winning Film Director
“Super nice dudes, and great work! It's been a pleasure to work with them.
Kaitlyn Heffron - Post Production Supervisor
“I love working with Mix Kitchen! They are a great company to work with & always do a phenomenal job on our mixes!”
Suzanne McFalls - Kurtis Productions
“I wish I could create music like Craig can!”
Skip Bayless - Fox Sports Host
“Craig has an incredible ability to take images, and build sound and music to complement any creative vision”.
Ernestine Sclafani - VP Weber Shandwick Public Relations
“Sam, Craig and the team at Mix Kitchen ooze with creativity, passion and experience. You won't be disappointed!”
Brian Leitner, Utopic - Sound Designer & Mixer