Music for Madam Secretary

13 Nov Music for Madam Secretary

Mix Kitchen’s Craig J. Snider scored music for the recent Madam Secretary episode “Persona Non Grata.” The CBS primetime political drama, now in its fourth season, stars Téa Leoni, Tim Daly, and Patina Miller.

Deborah Alexander of DA Music Management said, “My client was looking for a track that was ‘hip & cool, melodic with an emotional feel’ for episode 405. I immediately called Craig. He is my GO TO GUY! Craig exceeded the client’s expectations.”

“TV shows are longer, giving us more time to develop thematically interesting approaches,” says composer and partner Snider. “But once the show’s edited, there’s very little time to get the right music for a scene. Turnaround isn’t days, it’s hours. I’m used to that with years of experience composing tracks for advertising. Its all great fun!”

Madam Secretary stars Téa Leoni as US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, balancing international diplomacy, office politics, and how to raise a family while saving the world. She often circumvents protocol while negotiating global and domestic issues, at the White House, abroad, and at home.

“Persona Non Grata” aired Primetime evening Sunday November 5th on the CBS Television Network.

Shown – Téa Leoni, in Episode 5 of Season Four
Show Creator: Barbara Hall
Episode Director: John Hall
Episode Writers: Barbara Hall, Alexander Maggio

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