“Some of This Gets a Little Wacky”

04 Jun “Some of This Gets a Little Wacky”

Biography presents DAVID CASSIDY: The Last Session, a two hour special on A&E.

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From Cassidy’s bandmates:

“He came blasting into peoples’ houses.  It was very personal.  He became a part of so many peoples’ lives that they felt ‘he’ was theirs” – Craig.

“They were really psyched to be there and see their idol, in person, and hear the songs they grew up to” – Frank

“The fans, looking up….they still see them as these heroes” – Dave

Originally planned as a four-part series, David’s passing last November changed the focus of this A&E show.   Now, with material from his last recording, here at Mix Kitchen, and interviews with his band, friends, and family, Biography will premiere this two-hour special next Monday evening, June 11th at 9pm ET/PT, 8pm CT.

An EP of material from the sessions is available for download or streaming on the following services:

iTunes – Songs My Father Taught Me
Amazon – Songs My Father Taught Me
Spotify – Songs My Father Taught Me

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